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Beta testing is over.

By taking part in Project 1040 you helped to shape the ultimate microphone system.

We want to thank you for all your great input and valuable feedback.

Thai long Li



いま、Project 1040を次のレベルに引き上げる段階にあります。

製品を最高のものにするために、世界中のレコーディングエンジニアが今から数週間〜数ヶ月に渡ってプロトタイプをテストします。ここで得られたフィードバックは、Project 1040のマイクロフォン・システムをさらに強力なものにするために役立てられます。


About the 3D printed prototype.

  • Four distinct all-analog tube characteristics: Clear, Warm, Saturated, Dark
  • An independent FET circuit with a dedicated XLR output
  • Both circuits can be seamlessly blended and recorded via a dedicated XLR output
  • Remote control and power supply unit
  • Low-cut filters and pre-attenuation settings
  • Seamless polar pattern control

Trying out the prototype

Justin Stanley and Rachel Eckroth at Stellar Sound

Together with Justin and American Singer-songwriter Rachel Eckroth, we got to record a vocal session and test some of the functions and sound modes that went into our first released prototype of the ultimate microphone system.

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