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We push microphone technology forward.

We believe that great sound is for everyone, whether you're recording at home, on stage or in the studio as a beginner or professional. 

To make sure that nothing limits your performance on the technical side, we're here to push microphone technology forward.

For us, it is key that our microphones help you to accomplish your ambitions easily and with better sound than ever before.


Project 1040 mobile
Project 1040

The microphone redesigned from the ground up.

With a focus on your needs, we break with traditional microphone designs and rethink the technologies behind them.

We develop our own measuring equipment, engineer new ways to overcome technical limitations and test our prototypes around the world. 

That is how we can give you microphones that help you to accomplish your aspirations in the best possible way and offer you real benefits.

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What you'll get when you record with our microphones.

A LEWITT microphone makes you sound sensational.

Every single one is built from high-quality components, is individually measured to give you the confidence that right from the very first recording, you have chosen the best microphone in its class.

We develop our microphones in beautiful Vienna, Austria. With a lot of know-how and the help of modern and precise manufacturing techniques, we produce without relying on buzzword concepts.

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True love for great sound unites us.

We are part of the audio community. We mix live concerts, record in the studio, love to play our instruments, and drive international research in acoustics and electronics. We all share a true love for great sound, a love that unites us. 
Through our close contacts with audio professionals around the globe, we can test and perfect our microphones before they come to you. With our beta test programs, mixing contests and music challenges, we are growing even closer together.

Having fun and being creative together is important to us and one of the keys to our success. If you feel like it, it's best to join in right away. 

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LEWITT music challenge

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